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The Top 5 Instagrammable Spots in North London

Another post in Carolina’s series on Instagrammable London reveals five places in North London, close to Rathbone Place Apartments and Tufnell House.

A Beach Day in London? Yes, You Can

Coming to London doesn’t mean you have to give up the beach! These are some of the city’s best urban beaches.

High Barnet Highlights You Simply Can’t Miss

There are plenty of excellent homestay options in London’s zone 4 for study abroad experiences. Barnet has a lot going for it for the student lifestyle.

What to Expect from your Homestay Experience in London

If you think a homestay option might be for you when you’re coming to study abroad in London, here’s what you need to know before you make a final decision.

All the Best Things to See and Do in Totteridge

Totteridge, in zone 4, offers the best of both worlds for students, with easy access to the centre and the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities.

How to Find Student Accommodation in London

Finding student accommodation for your study abroad experience can be daunting, but Britannia’s experts make it easy with some tips on how to go about it.

What is a Sunday Roast & Where to Enjoy One

Invited to join a Sunday Roast? Carolina explains what you’ll be eating and where it is traditionally served.

Cultural Experiences after Dark | Britannia Student Services

For a unique cultural experience, have a look at the Late Night events hosted by many London museums.

Free Views of London Near Your Student Accommodation

Carolina lists some sites in London near your student housing where you can get the best views of the skyline for free.

5 Stunning Underground Stations in London

In London the journey is as fascinating as the destination. Carolina identifies some of her favourite Underground stations.

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