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The Top 5 Instagrammable Spots in North London

Another post in Carolina’s series on Instagrammable London reveals five places in North London, close to Rathbone Place Apartments and Tufnell House.

The Top 5 Instagrammable Spots South of the River

The second post in Carolina’s series on Instagrammable London takes in the top five spots south of the river, near Britannia South Bank.

Our Favourite Attractions in Hampstead

One of the most charming boroughs in London, Hampstead is home to some memorable attractions and beautiful views.

Free London Activities to Try This Summer

Some of London’s best cheap and free attractions are situated within easy distance of International Hall and Nutford House student accommodation.

Blue Plaques Near Your Student Accommodation | London Celebrities

Discover your famous neighbours in London. Carolina talks about the blue plaques near your student housing.

Find a London Neighbourhood to Suit Your Personality

What kind of Londoner are you? Carolina helps you choose the location of your accommodation based on your personality.

Free Views of London Near Your Student Accommodation

Carolina lists some sites in London near your student housing where you can get the best views of the skyline for free.

5 Stunning Underground Stations in London

In London the journey is as fascinating as the destination. Carolina identifies some of her favourite Underground stations.

How to Make Your London Homestay a Great Experience

For a fully immersive experience nothing beats a homestay in London. Find out how to make this one of the best experiences of your life.

The Top 5 Great North London Museums

If you’re staying in Tufnell House you’ll want to check out some of these great museums based in the north of London.

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