What is a Sunday Roast & Where to Enjoy One

If you want eat like the locals during your time abroad then you will have to try a Sunday Roast. I reckon you’ll fall in love with this tradition as much as I have. It’s the perfect occasion to share with the family on a homestay. London’s many pubs often serve them.

What is a Sunday Roast?

If you ask your host family to tell you what traditional foods are eaten in the United Kingdom there’s a good chance that they will talk about the Sunday Roast that is usually eaten at midday. Like pizza and pasta for the Italians or escargot for the French, this meal seems to best represent the British cuisine.

You can expect to be served a roasted meat: usually beef or lamb, although sometimes chicken is used.

Along with this you’ll get what are called ‘the trimmings’. These include Yorkshire pudding (a savoury side dish made from batter), seasonal vegetables that are steamed or boiled including cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, peas or green beans. You’ll enjoy roasted potatoes and the whole plate will be covered in a rich gravy that is often made from the juice of the cooking meat.

Some people will serve bread sauce, horseradish or mint sauce and redcurrant jelly along with the meal.

Where Can You Eat a Sunday Roast?

Some families often come together at lunchtime over a Sunday Roast. It can be a way to spend time together and to enjoy a more formal meal so I would recommend that you accept if you are invited to join one during your homestay. Londoners also socialise around the Sunday Roast, and friends will often meet up at a pub to enjoy one together.

This can be a great way to have a weekly outing with the others living in your house share or with any friends that you make in a hall of residence.

So even if you haven’t chose accommodation in a homestay, London’s pubs will give you a Sunday Roast that you will remember. Here are some of my recommendations.

  • Staying in Tufnell House? Try The Holly Bush, a historic pub in Hampstead.
  • Stumble out of your bed in Chapter Spitalfields and down the road to The Culpeper for an east London roast.
  • If your accommodation is in Britannia South Bank then you should have your Sunday experience at The Anchor and Hope pub near Waterloo Station.

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