The Best Opportunities for Practising Your English in London

A very big part of your study abroad experience is the opportunity to practice your English language skills in day-to-day life. Classroom and book learning are invaluable, but getting out into the real world and giving it a go is one of the best ways to make huge improvements.

While of course you’ll have the chance to speak English with new friends at university or in your student accommodation, London presents a host of other ways to help you gain confidence in your adopted language.

Supper Clubs

There are plenty of places around the city that provide a wonderful relaxed space where you can join a group of like-minded students for a supper club. Everything from ordering your drinks and meals to talking about your life back home can be done in English – and the beauty is that everyone else is in the same situation. I’ve met some truly wonderful people at supper clubs in the neighbourhood of my student accommodation. London has some amazing pubs and cafes that are ideal for this kind of thing and if you can’t find one, start one yourself!

Talking to Strangers

You might not always feel comfortable striking up a conversation with a stranger, but it’s actually one of the most effective ways of improving your language skills. Obviously you need to choose your moment and always be aware of your personal safety, but places like the Tube, on the bus or sitting in a park or café are ideal for making the very British ‘small talk’. If you’re nervous about doing it, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of preparation. Learn a handful of phrases about the weather (or whatever topic you like) and go from there. I promise you’ll be amazed at just how friendly and helpful people really are.

Meetup Groups is a very popular website for all kinds of people who’ve moved to London. Whatever you’re looking for, whether its a historical walk, nature hike, shopping excursion or just a drink in a pub, you’ll easily find a group of people keen to do the same. There are even educational and business groups to give likeminded people the opportunity to network and grow their circle of friends and acquaintances. The best aspect for foreign students is that they offer a non-threatening way to get in and practice English.

Top Tip: Another way of doing it is to choose a ‘language exchange’ meet up group, where you trade your own native language skills for English.

Walking City Tours or Guided Museum Tours

Going on a guided tour will not only teach you about some very important and interesting cultural and historical aspects of the city, but will also give you a great opportunity to practice your conversational skills in terms of both listening and speaking. You can join a walking tour to take in some of the city’s most iconic historical highlights, or when the weather’s bad, most of the top museums have free (or very reasonably priced) guided tours. Even if you don’t want to take a guided tour with other people, taking advantage of the free audio tours (with a set of headphones) is a good way to improve – as long as you choose the English option!

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