Of all the major cities I have visited, London is home to my favourite transport system. It is historical, iconic and goes absolutely everywhere. There aren’t many places where the journey is as exciting as the destination. However, this is one of them. Once you settle into your student accommodation, London’s many sights will be just a tube ride away. Many of the stations that you’ll use are attractions in their own right, and I have chosen to write about just a few of the ones that I particularly admire.

King’s Cross

If you choose any of the areas that are north of the centre for your student accommodation, London King’s Cross will probably serve as your main transport hub. It is a beautiful building so take a moment on one of your journeys to admire it.

You will find its wow factor on the Western Concourse – just look up and you’ll be awe-struck by the ceiling. If you’re studying architecture you might be interested to know that this is Europe’s largest single span structure.


Head to the other side of the city to see the 40-meter high glass wall in Southwark Station that has won awards. There are no fewer than 660 specially cut pieces of blue glass installed here to create an effect that is worth a few Instagram posts for your friends back home.

Southwark is on the Jubilee line so it’s easy to access from most student accommodation. London attractions in the area include Shakespeare’s Globe, Tate Modern and the theatres the Old Vic and the Young Vic.


While King’s Cross is the main station for the north, Waterloo is the main one for the south, and it is equally impressive. However, don’t think twenty-first-century cutting-edge design. Waterloo was completed in the 1920s with a façade that is designed to reflect the grandeur of the British Empire that was slowly disappearing.

When you look at it today you’ll see the extravagant Baroque-style Victory Arch that was constructed to honour those killed in World War I.

Notting Hill Gate

At some point during your stay you’ll probably plan a trip to Notting Hill or Portobello Road on the west side of the city from your student accommodation. London’s iconic Underground platform style – the one you’ll recognise from movies– can be found on the Circle and District line platforms of Notting Hill Gate Station.

Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf is the city’s main business district so it’s unlikely that you’ll be living here. However, in my opinion it’s worth making a special trip on the Jubilee line so that you can experience the architecture.

When you ride the escalator that takes you from the platforms to the street level you will enjoy a sight of overwhelming magnificence as you glide through Norman Foster’s epic creation.

In 2013 Canary Wharf was voted London’s most-loved tube station and I can certainly see why. It is like a cathedral in size and it has even been the venue for a wedding.

There are many, many fascinating stops along the entire Underground system, and these are just a few of my favourites. Which ones will be yours?

Let Britannia Student Services help you find the perfect match for your student accommodation. London has unique attractions in every corner of the city, and we are sure to find a place that will give you access to the experience that will suit you best.