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Top Sporting Events in London this Winter

London loves its sporting events, even in winter! Here’s what not to miss while you’re enjoying your study abroad experience in the city.

Student Life: Enjoy London’s Wonderful Seasonal Traditions

Student life is so much more exciting in London if you take part in some of the city’s fabulous seasonal traditions. Here are just a few to try.

The Student’s Guide to Living in Tottenham Hale

If you’re looking for a cool and youthful ambience, Tottenham Hale’s shared student accommodation is the ideal base during your study abroad experience.

How to Find Student Accommodation in London

Finding student accommodation for your study abroad experience can be daunting, but Britannia’s experts make it easy with some tips on how to go about it.

The Top 5 Instagrammable Spots South of the River

The second post in Carolina’s series on Instagrammable London takes in the top five spots south of the river, near Britannia South Bank.

Our Favourite Attractions in Hampstead

One of the most charming boroughs in London, Hampstead is home to some memorable attractions and beautiful views.

Get the Most from the Southbank Underbelly Festival

Looking for something to do in the summer evenings? Try the Underbelly Festival at the South Bank for outdoor entertainment.

The Top 5 Instagrammable Spots Near Chapter Spitalfields

Carolina’s series on Instagrammable London spots starts with east London and lists the top five near Chapter Spitalfields.

The Parks and Green Spaces Near Your Student Accommodation

If you’re studing abroad in London but aren’t used to the urban scene, don’t worry! There are plenty of pretty green parks to be discovered.

Find a London Neighbourhood to Suit Your Personality

What kind of Londoner are you? Carolina helps you choose the location of your accommodation based on your personality.

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