Saving Money on Student Housing: London House Shares

When you study abroad your largest expenditure will be on your student housing. London has a range of accommodation options that suit most budgets, and the most economical one is a house share.

If you are over 18 years old and you are planning to stay for a minimum of 4 weeks then this is a really good option for your student housing. London offers so many experiences to those who are studying so if you are eligible to split the living costs with others then this is a fantastic way to save money.

What is a House Share?

This is an independent way of living with other students. You share a common living space, bathroom and kitchen but you have your own bedroom. Unlike a Halls of Residence you’ll be in a real flat with 2 or 3 other flatmates. And, unlike a homestay, you will not be living with the owner of the property nor will you be part of a family.

The Pros

  1. If you are looking for some independence during your time abroad a house share is the answer for you. Locals who are studying or just starting their careers usually choose this type of accommodation too.
  2. When I take a course overseas I want as many new experiences as possible. This type of accommodation gives you that opportunity. You’ll meet other international students so you won’t be lonely and you can all explore the city together.
  3. English is likely to be the common language so you’ll be able to practice it when you communicate with your housemates.
  4. Generally the properties where you can rent a room are a little bit away from the centre, and this means they are cheaper options for student housing. London’s transport system is fabulous so you will probably be just a few minutes’ tube ride from the main attractions.

How to Make It Work

The time that you spend in the capital is likely to be something that you will remember for the rest of your life. There will, of course, be some challenges and the way in which you deal with these will be part of your learning experience.

It is usually a lot of fun to live with others who are also studying and discovering the city for the first time. Here are a few tips that help you all enjoy a positive experience when you choose a shared flat for your student housing. London experiences are even better when you’re feeling good about your home.

  • Have a meeting at the beginning with your flatmates to decide on a few common rules like having visitors, tidying the kitchen and sharing the bathroom.
  • Create a joint money float for basics like toilet paper, some kitchen supplies and cleaning products.
  • Plan some outings and activities together.
  • Meet up regularly to discuss any issues openly before they become conflicts.

In the flat where I had a room I made several friends from different countries. We now stay in touch and we have even offered each other a place to stay in our own homes. The long-term benefits of this sort of accommodation make it one of the best options for international students.

When you come to the city to study you’ll want to be in the right accommodation. Our team at Britannia Student Services can help you choose between a house share, halls of residence or homestay. Fill in our online enquiry form and let us get started finding you the perfect base.

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