Don’t Miss These Fall Semester Events in London

If you’re studying abroad in London in the Fall semester, the UK capital has plenty to keep you entertained. While the weather might be getting a little cooler, it’s still pleasant enough to enjoy both outdoor and indoor activities – just put on another layer of clothing and head out to take advantage of a few great events before the real chill sets in.

No matter what part of the city you’ve chosen for your student accommodation, London’s great autumnal attractions are enough to coax you out on the town. I’ve put together a few of my favourite events and activities to give you a head start.

Visit the Museums at Night

Finding out that several of the city’s best museums open their doors after dark in October has been one of my most enjoyable discoveries for this time of the year. In September you can enjoy the vibrant the Emerge festival, with a host of music, art and cultural events, and in October (every second year) the Museums at Night weekend allows you to see a few of the top museums in the evening – made all the more enjoyable by spooky Halloween-themed events and workshops.

Lord Mayor’s Show

One of the city’s most colourful and significant events at this time of the year (November) is the Lord Mayor’s Show, when the new Lord Mayor is sworn in. Along with a river pageant (or parade) that moves slowly up the Thames, there’s a procession through the streets, with attendants dressed in traditional livery accompanying the Lord Mayor as he is transported in a gold carriage. It’s history in the making and you can be a part of it!

Open House

I’ve left the best until last because Open House is one of my very favourite events in the city, when a selection of the most fascinating and historic buildings (including museums, factories, mosques and civic buildings) are opened to the public. My tip is to Google the schedule and book early, though, as tickets go fast. There’s bound to be a venue around the neighbourhood of your student accommodation. London has so many secret places that are usually off-limits, so this is an amazing opportunity.

London Film Festival

The London Film Festival, in October, is a great time to take a break from your studies and be entertained by your choice from hundreds of new international and British short and feature films. As well as big names, the festival showcases the up and coming talents of numerous very exciting new filmmakers. I can tell you from experience it’s hard to choose what to see, but it runs from 2nd to 13th October 2019 at venues across London so you’ll have plenty of options that will be easily accessible by public transport from your student accommodation. 

The Changing Colours of the Parks

When the temperatures drop and the leaves of the trees in the city’s beautiful parks and gardens begin to change, I like nothing better than to take long relaxing walks, grab some super Instagram shots and generally soak up the Fall colours. It’s free, it’s fantastic and there’s bound to be a green space near your student accommodation. London has plenty from which to choose, but a few of my favourites are Hampstead Heath, Regent’s Park and Richmond Park.

London Bonfire Night Fireworks

There’s nothing quite like seeing the skyline lit up by fireworks on Bonfire Night in November. The event signifies the night Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the UK Houses of Parliament, back in 1605, but it provides much happier memories now, with some really spectacular fireworks. My recommendations for the best spots to watch the show are Battersea Park and Southwark Park.

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