Colindale: London’s Fastest Growing Area

One of the most important decisions you have to make when you’re planning to study abroad in London is the kind of accommodation that will suit you best. I’ve found that if you decide first whether you want to live independently, stay in an apartment or house share, or prefer the familiarity of a homestay, London student life will be a smooth experience. 

For those who decide on a homestay, London’s Colindale area, in the north-west of the city, has always impressed me as a brilliant choice, and there are some lovely host families in this fast-growing and highly convenient suburb.  

Convenient Amenities

Colindale’s amenities are improving at the same rate as it’s growing, so it’s well facilitated. There are two 24-hour gyms and a couple of big high street supermarkets, Asda and Morrisons. In addition, if you like Asian food you’re in for a treat with London’s largest Asian food court, Bang Bang Oriental. This amazing venue offers 27 eateries with a seating capacity of 450 and boasts the widest range of specialist Asian food in the country. Aside from getting some delicious cuisine, it’s a great place to socialise with other students or your host family.

A Little History

Taking in the Edgware Road between Hendon and Kingsbury, Up until the twentieth century there really wasn’t much happening in the Edgware Road between Hendon and Kingsbury. Then it became a mainly industrial manufacturing area, with numerous factories and a proliferation of workers cottages and terrace houses. It was also used as an important RAF (airforce) base. Now, however, new builds are springing up all over the place and Colindale has become a very popular and pleasant residential area.

Good Transport Links

Colindale Station is in Zone 4 on the Northern Line and it’s also served by several bus routes (186, 204, 303) and the Thameslink rail network. It’s around 30 minutes by Tube into Central London from here.

Culture at the RAF Museum

One of Colindale’s biggest attractions is the fascinating RAF Museum, which is right on the doorstep. This excellent museum is a major tourist venue and is home to more than 100 aircraft and a huge range of interactive exhibits. There are plenty of grassy areas for a day out with a picnic, and entry is absolutely free. 

Beautiful Parks and Green Spaces

The area has some lovely green spaces where you can get out into nature for a walk, a picnic or just relax on a sunny patch of grass. Colindale Park is right next to the station and is a great place to kick around a football, while the much bigger Heybourne Park is a popular wildlife watching spot around the water. Rushgrove Park has a couple of basketball and tennis courts available to rent, and the delightful Silkstream Park is named after the brook that runs through it. 

Famous Faces and Places

Lastly, if you’re a fan of the Avengers you’ll appreciate Colindale’s most recent claim to fame. The area was used to shoot scenes from The Avengers: Age of Ultron, which starred Chris Hemsworth. Get ready for some impressive selfies as you discover several familiar looking sites.

When you’re planning to study abroad in London, Britannia Student Services can help you find the perfect accommodation for your needs. With a wealth of experience and local knowledge, our friendly expert advisors are here to help. Whether you’re looking for independent accommodation, flatshare options or a family homestay, London student life is easier when you leave the details to us.   

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